YTONG - Easy to build, Solid as a rock

A modern, properly insulated building of high quality. Built in no time, by local construction workers. Ytong offers the best solution for building houses, schools and other buildings, both low- and high-rise (up to 4 floors).

The Ytong shell system is particularly suitable for your market. All you need for building an Ytong home is your sketch or rough plan. Xella will supply you with a detailed design and a construction manual adapted to your building plan. The panels ensure minimal building time. Two working days for a single house, with just four construction workers, is a realistic estimate. A short building time, of course, results in low costs.

Ytong panels are made of aerated concrete and offer a high degree of flexibility. Construction modifications are easy to realise, both in the design and building phase. The panels are easy to saw and ideal for attractive finishing. Chases for electricity and water can be realised in no time. You can even screw directly into the panels in order to mount finishing materials.

Aerated concrete is a natural, sustainable product, made of lime, sand and cement – materials that are amply available and will continue to be in the future. The special cell structure of Ytong ensures perfect  insulation: the building stays warm in winter and cool in summer. Additional benefits include the fact that aerated concrete can be fully recycled and is fire- and noise-resistant.