Our Services

The all-in-one Xella Building System does not only consist of building parts. When using it, you can also build on several other services we will offer you.

Clever logistics

The Xella Building System is available in all these countries. We’ll ship and transport it to you all over the world. Ready-made and cleverly packed, so that you can start your project right away.

Clear instructions

We’ll include clear visual instructions on how to use the Xella Building System. These instructions will be custom-made for your project. Parts will be color-coded for easy reference. That way, we’ll take you through the process of preparation, construction, reparation and finishing step-by-step

Color-coded Ytong panels

Professionals on site

Upon request, we’ll provide you with professionals on site. The Xella Building System Expert Team will tell you all you want to know about the Xella Building System and its parts, the tools you need, what details you’ll have to take into account and the actions you’ll have to take to ensure safe working conditions.

Building tools

Upon request, we’ll provide you with extra tools for even cleverer, speedier building with the Xella Building System, for example:

  • a special cart for transporting and positioning wall panels on site
  • a crowbar for lifting wall panels into position
  • a special bin for applying glue
  • all nails and anchors to link the parts together

Process management

Need help designing your project? Want tips on how to calculate, prepare and detail? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are there for you.

Help when needed

If there is anything we can do for you before, during or after an Ytong Xella System project, we’ll be happy to. Just contact us.