About Ytong

What is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)

Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) is a construction material that consists solely of natural and mineral raw materials: sand, lime, cement, water and aluminium powder as an expanding agent. During production, the aluminium powder increases the volume and brings excellent structural properties to the typical porous structure.

Possible fields of application for YTONG

Autoclaved aerated concrete is very versatile in its fields of use. Because of its excellent load-bearing capacity, AAC blocks and panels can be used as building stones or prefabricated components. But autoclaved aerated concrete is also wonderful for interior work, such as stairs or firewalls. Thanks to its light weight, ACC blocks and panels can also be used as roof or ceiling elements.
With YTONG you build fast
build fast with ytong
  • The average size of an AAC block is larger than that of a brick or concrete block
  • An AAC block is approximately 75% lighter than concrete
  • High dimensional accuracy allows faster installation by using thin-bed layer mortar

YTONG is perfect in terms of thermal insulation

thermal insulation winter

In winter time

  • AAC‘s characteristic structure, comprising millions of tiny pores filled with air, helps to accumulate heat and avoid loss of energy
  • AAC‘s insulating properties are the same in all directions of the block, helping to significantly reduce thermal bridges
thermal insulation summer

and summer time

  • Up to 80% of exterior heat enters through the roof of a building
  • Cooling a building is roughly 4 times more expensive than heating
  • Our AAC material has excellent insulating properties, reducing temperature fluctuations to a minimum while ensuring proper air ventilation

Building with YTONG is easy and simple

easy of use
  • AAC is easy to saw
  • Special tools help you build with our material

YTONG creates a healthy room climate

healthy room
  • Our products regulate the humidity inside a building

  • A comfortable and healthy room climate is achieved throughout the whole year

YTONG has outstanding fire resistance proparties

fire resistance
  • AAC is a non-flammable building material
  • AAC does not release any toxic gases in the case of a fire
  • YTONG offers up to three hours of protection against fire – the highest rating in the industry

YTONG is ecological and sustainable

energy consumption
  • Our products consist of natural raw materials such as sand, lime, cement and water
  • By-products of our production processes are recycled back into the production process

YTONG has excellent load-bearing capacities

load bearing
  • Despite the light weight of our AAC blocks, its homogeneous structure permits the load of a building balancing in all directions
  • With its outstanding ductility, buildings made of our AAC blocks can withstand earthquakes and shock damages